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Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System


Experience total home and business protection with AI-driven monitoring around the clock. Enjoy seamless control with no monthly fees.

Why Choose Dahua AirShield?

  • Continuous AI Monitoring: 24/7 surveillance without pause.
  • No Monthly Fees: One-time investment for continuous safety.
  • Seamless Management: Easy control via our smartphone app.

Key Features

Wi-Fi Hub
Coordinates all wireless components.
PIR Motion Detector
Alerts you to any unauthorized movement.
Door Sensor
Notifies whenever doors are accessed.
Remote control for arming/disarming the system.

Advanced System Integration

Manage your system through a mobile application, supporting up to 150 devices with reliable Airfly 3.0 technology.

Available in Top UK Cities

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Leicester

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