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Dahua AirShield Dual-Tech PIR Detector

Dahua AirShield Dual-Tech PIR Detector

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Dahua ARD1233-W2 Wireless PIR Detector

Advanced Security Solutions

Elevate your security system with the Dahua ARD1233-W2 Wireless PIR Detector, tailored for comprehensive protection. This detector is designed with pet immunity to prevent false alarms caused by animals weighing up to 18 kg. It also features auto temperature compensation, which adjusts sensitivity to ensure consistent performance in varying environmental conditions.

Key Functionalities:

  • Three-Level Sensitivity Adjustment: Allows customization based on your specific security requirements, enhancing detection accuracy.
  • Environmental Temperature Display and Overheating Alarm: Monitors the ambient temperature and provides alerts if abnormal heat levels are detected, ensuring environmental safety.
  • Advanced Communication Capabilities: Utilizes frequency hopping and two-way communication technology to maintain stable and secure communication between all connected devices.
  • Cloud Update Support: Keeps the system updated with the latest firmware, automatically restoring previous settings if an update fails.
  • Comprehensive Detection Techniques: Combines PIR and microwave motion detection for precise movement tracking, reducing the likelihood of missed alerts.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Supports jamming detection and communication encryption to safeguard against potential security breaches.

The Dahua ARD1233-W2 is engineered to meet EN50131 Grade-2 standards, providing a versatile and reliable solution that fits seamlessly into a variety of security setups. Its integration capabilities allow it to work effectively with other security components, offering a layered defence strategy that protects against multiple types of intrusions.

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