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Ai Alarm installation - Base Package National installation

Ai Alarm installation - Base Package National installation

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Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System: Total Home and Business Protection


Welcome to AI CCTV 🎥, your trusted provider of state-of-the-art security systems. Specializing in the Dahua AirShield Wireless Kit 1, we offer unmatched security solutions that keep you connected to your home or business around the clock ⏰. Manage and monitor your alarm systems seamlessly through a single app—without any monthly fees 💷. Our advanced systems provide complete security, offering peace of mind at no extra cost. Trust AI CCTV to protect your property with the most advanced and cost-effective solutions available today! 🛡️

The Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System is a modular, integrated alarm system designed for small-to-medium businesses and residential properties. It complies with the EN50131 Grade 2 standard, which means it is suitable for low to medium-risk environments. This system offers advanced, reliable, and user-friendly security features.

Key Features of Dahua AirShield Grade 2 Alarm System:

Compliance and Certification:

    • The system is compliant with EN50131 Grade 2 and PD6662: 2017 standards, ensuring a robust level of security suitable for homes and small businesses​ (Dahua Technology)​​ (Asmag)​.


"Enjoy round-the-clock AI monitoring without the burden of monthly fees. Effortlessly manage your security systems directly from your smartphone. Seamlessly integrate our CCTV with your alarm system for enhanced protection and control."


Experience Comprehensive Security: The Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System is the ultimate choice for protecting your property. Engineered for reliability and effective intrusion detection, this system is tailored to meet your unique security needs, ensuring peace of mind around the clock.

Package Contents and Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi Model Hub: Acts as the central unit, coordinating all wireless components and maintaining seamless communication.
  • Wireless PIR Detector: Offers sensitive motion detection that alerts you to any unauthorized movement within your premises.
  • Wireless Door Detector: Secures entry points, notifying you whenever doors are accessed.
  • Wireless Keyfob: Provides convenient remote control for arming/disarming the system effortlessly.


Additional Compatible Devices:

  • PIR Cameras Pet Friendly
  • Dual-Tech Detectors with CCTV
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Water Leak Detectors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Internal & External Sirens


Dahua Air Shield unboxing : Premium system 


Advanced System Integration:

  • Comprehensive Control: Manage your alarm system through one intuitive mobile application, allowing for real-time monitoring and control from anywhere in the world.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Supports up to 150 wireless peripherals, ensuring expansive coverage for both large and small properties.
  • Reliable Technology: Utilizes Airfly 3.0 technology for stable and secure wireless communication, ensuring your system remains operational even in diverse environments.
  • Integrated Security Solutions: Easily integrates with video intercom products, creating a robust security ecosystem that protects every corner of your property.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Equipped with an SOS emergency call function to alert security services instantly in case of an emergency.
  • Cutting-Edge Functionality: Features such as Frequency Hopping and two-way communication technology enhance communication stability, preventing interference and ensuring reliability.
  • Seamless Updates: Cloud updates and automatic recovery from update failures keep your system up-to-date without manual intervention.

Dan installs the Air Shield 


Enhance Your Security with Advanced Upgrades:

  • Responsive Colour Night Vision: Opt for our responsive colour night vision where lights activate upon detecting humans or vehicles, enhancing visibility and serving as a deterrent during vulnerable hours.

System Compatibility:

  • Integrated Security: Our alarm systems are fully compatible with our other security products, offering seamless control through a unified app. This integration simplifies home security management, allowing for easy monitoring of your systems with unprecedented efficiency.

Contact AI CCTV: To find the best fit for your security needs, we invite you to contact AI CCTV directly. Discuss your individual needs and circumstances with us, and we’ll tailor a solution that ensures optimal protection for your property. Start customizing your security setup today.

Secure your premises with AI CCTV’s Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System, where cutting-edge technology meets dependable security. For more information or to arrange your installation, contact us today at AI CCTV. Elevate your property’s surveillance with a system that’s always on guard, ensuring peace of mind with every moment captured.

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