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Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector

Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector

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Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector

Secure Every Pane - Advanced Window Security Solutions

Maximize the security of your property with the Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector, meticulously designed to detect any breakage in various types of glass including tempered, double-glazed, laminated, wired, plate, and float glass.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Glass Compatibility: Triggers alarms for different glass types, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Advanced Sound Detection: Detects both high and low frequency sounds simultaneously, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to minimize false alarms.
  • Two-Channel Alarm Input: Enhances system integration and response capabilities.
  • Cloud Update Support: Automatically updates and recovers from failures, maintaining the detector’s effectiveness.
  • Secure and Stable Communication: Employs frequency hopping and two-way encrypted communication to ensure uninterrupted security monitoring.

Equip your home or business with the Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector to safeguard against potential break-ins through windows, providing a reliable and efficient security layer.

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