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Dahua AirShield Alarm Keyfob

Dahua AirShield Alarm Keyfob

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Dahua AirShield Alarm Keyfob - Advanced Wireless Security

Dahua AirShield Alarm Keyfob

Advanced Wireless Security Solutions

Enhance your security framework with the Dahua AirShield Alarm Keyfob, designed to provide advanced protection with minimal effort. This keyfob is an integral part of your security setup, offering easy access to your system’s functions.

Key Features:

  • SOS Emergency Alarm: Quick activation to alert security services in case of an emergency, ensuring rapid response times.
  • Frequency Hopping: Enhances communication stability by avoiding interference from other wireless devices.
  • Two-Way Communication Technology: Ensures a reliable connection between your security system and the keyfob for seamless operation.
  • Cloud Update Support: Keeps the keyfob’s software up-to-date with the latest features and improvements, with automatic recovery from any update failures.

The Dahua AirShield Alarm Keyfob is engineered to meet high safety standards, providing a versatile and reliable solution that integrates smoothly into your existing security setup.

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