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  • At AI CCTV and Alarms, we are renowned for our exceptional CCTV installation services catered to both residential and commercial properties in Rochdale, Manchester. Leveraging over a decade of expertise, our certified engineers are devoted to providing superior service, ensuring your property's security around the clock.

Why Choose AI CCTV and Alarms for Your Security Needs in Rochdale, Manchester?

Expert CCTV Installation Locally: Our team of accredited engineers in Manchester delivers professional and precise installation of CCTV systems, tailored to your individual needs. We offer both same-day and next-day services, ensuring prompt and reliable security setups in the heart of Rochdale, Manchester.

Cutting-Edge Security Technology: Stay ahead with our state-of-the-art CCTV solutions. We provide Rochdale properties with the latest technologies, including 4K Ultra High Definition cameras, night vision, facial recognition, and number plate recognition systems. Our sturdy, explosion-proof cameras guarantee reliable performance and crystal-clear images, securing your premises in Manchester.

Remote Monitoring from Anywhere: With our advanced systems, you can keep an eye on your Rochdale property from any location worldwide. Our systems are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, facilitating real-time alerts and live footage streaming through our user-friendly mobile app.

Comprehensive Security Solutions Across Manchester: Beyond CCTV installations, we offer an extensive array of security solutions including burglar alarms, access control systems, and security lighting, all customized to meet the varied needs of both residential and commercial clients in Rochdale, Manchester.

Customer-Centric Approach: Recognizing that every client in Rochdale has unique security requirements, we tailor our services to fit your specific needs and budget. Our dedicated team is focused on providing expert advice and support, ensuring your total satisfaction with our security solutions.




Free Consultation and Transparent Pricing: Make an informed decision with confidence. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and upfront pricing to help you select the ideal CCTV system for your property in Rochdale, Manchester. Trust us to deliver quality and value without compromise.


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Maintenance and Repairs

Ensure your systems are always functional with our expert maintenance and repair services. Our certified installers provide 24/7 support to handle any scenario effectively.

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Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your security needs. Our team provides personalised advice and a free quote to ensure you get the best solution tailored to your needs.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing a CCTV System from AI CCTV:

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Common Questions About CCTV and Alarm Systems

What are the costs associated with CCTV installation in Rochdale?
Prices vary depending on the complexity and scale of the installation. Each project is customized to meet the specific security needs and budgetary constraints of our clients.
What types of CCTV systems are available?
We offer a variety of CCTV systems, including static and IP cameras, wired and wireless systems, speed domes, DVRs, and NVRs, all tailored to your security requirements.
Can I view my CCTV footage remotely?
Yes, our contemporary systems include remote viewing capabilities allowing you to monitor your property via smartphones, tablets, and computers.
What is included in a CCTV maintenance package?
Our maintenance packages ensure your system functions optimally, including routine checks, repairs, and servicing.
Are there options for integrating other security measures?
We offer integrated solutions that combine CCTV with alarms, access control, and other security features to enhance your property's safety.
What areas do these services cover?
While our primary focus is Rochdale, we provide comprehensive coverage and support across the UK.
How quickly can an installation be completed?
Depending on the availability and scope of the project, we offer efficient installation services, including options for same or next-day service.
AI CCTV and Alarms – Safeguarding Rochdale, One Property at a Time

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Default passwords-

DMSS abc12345

Viper 123456

Kestrel No password just click ok

** Ai CCTV do not store passwords and it is advised on the day of installation the default password are changed, Please check email and documentation for passwords as password resets are subject to a fee

How to set DMSS on a smartphone

Set Up DMSS App on Smartphone - AI CCTV 01212881999

Setting Up the Dahua DMSS App on Your Smartphone


  • Ensure P2P (Platform Access) is enabled on your NVR and is online.

Initial App Setup Using P2P Connection

  1. Install DMSS:
    • Download DMSS from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
    • Install the app on your smartphone.
  2. Add a Device:
    • Open the app and tap the "+" icon.
    • Select "SN/Scan" to scan the QR code from your NVR interface (Main Menu > Network > P2P) or the device's box.
    • If QR code is unavailable, manually enter the serial number.
  3. Device Configuration:
    • Choose the device type (e.g., NVR, DVR/XVR, or Wired Camera).
    • Enter a relatable device name and the admin password.
    • Tap "Save".

Event Notification Setup

  1. Subscribe to Notifications:
    • On the Home page, tap the three dots next to your device.
    • Select "Device Details".
  2. Enable Notifications:
    • Tap "Notification" and switch it on.
  3. Configure Alerts:
    • Choose the events for alerts, such as AI Analysis features (e.g., Tripwire, Missing Object).
    • Select the channels for each feature and save the settings.

By following these steps, your DMSS app should be configured for remote access and event notifications.

Watch the Setup Video

For a visual guide, watch the following YouTube video:

For further support or help, book an onsite callout via our website.

How to update the time and date on your CCTV recorder

Change Time and Date on Dahua DVR - AI CCTV

Changing the Time and Date on a Dahua DVR

Steps to Change Time and Date

  1. Access the Main Menu:
    • Right-click on the screen to bring up the context menu.
    • Select "Main Menu" from the options.
  2. Navigate to System Settings:
    • In the Main Menu, select "System" to open the system settings.
  3. Open General Settings:
    • Within the System settings, click on "General" to access general configuration options.
  4. Adjust Date and Time:
    • Locate the "Date & Time" section.
    • Modify the date and time fields to the correct values.
  5. Save Changes:
    • Click "Apply" to save your changes.
    • Click "OK" to exit the settings menu.
  6. Restart the DVR:
    • For the changes to take effect, restart your DVR by navigating to "Main Menu" > "Shutdown" > "Restart".

Watch the Setup Video

For a visual guide, watch the following YouTube video:

By following these steps, you can easily update the time and date settings on your Dahua DVR to ensure accurate recordings.

For further support or help, book an onsite callout via our website.

How to turn on Smart Motion Alerts in DMSS

Enable SMD in DMSS App for Dahua DVR - AI CCTV

Turning on Smart Motion Detection (SMD) in the DMSS App for a Dahua DVR


  • Ensure you have a Dahua account.
  • Install the DMSS app on your smartphone.
  • Add your Dahua device to the DMSS app.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Launch the DMSS Mobile App:
    • Open the DMSS app on your smartphone.
    • Go to the "Device" page and tap on the three dots next to the device you want to set up notifications for.
  2. Access Device Details:
    • Tap on "Device Details".
  3. Multi-Channel Alarm Subscription:
    • Tap on "Multi-channel Alarm Subscription".
  4. Enable SMD:
    • Enable the slider at the top right to activate notifications.
    • Tap on "Period Settings" to adjust the times you want to receive notifications.
    • Select the type of alarm event you want notifications for (e.g., Motion Detection, Intrusion Alarm).
  5. Select Camera Channels:
    • Check the boxes next to all the camera channels you want to receive notifications from.
    • Tap the back arrow at the top left when done.
  6. Save Settings:
    • Verify the number of channels selected appears next to the alarm type you selected.
    • Tap "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Watch the Setup Video

For a visual guide, watch the following YouTube video:

By following these steps, you should have Smart Motion Detection enabled on your Dahua DVR via the DMSS app, enhancing your security system's capabilities.

For further support or help, book an onsite callout via our website.

Control your Alarm & CCTV from your phone

Our alarm system is the backbone of your security setup, offering comprehensive protection for your home or business. With customizable settings and robust sensors, it detects unauthorized entry, triggering immediate alerts to your smartphone. Whether it's a door left ajar or a window being tampered with, our alarm ensures you're informed instantly, empowering you to take swift action and safeguard what matters most

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Smart Ai Human Tracking Alerts

Our smart AI human detection alerts utilize cutting-edge technology to distinguish human activity from other movements. This advanced feature enhances security by providing accurate alerts, minimizing false alarms. With AI at the helm, you'll receive timely notifications of potential intruders, ensuring swift and precise responses to threats

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