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Dahua AirShield Internal Siren

Dahua AirShield Internal Siren

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Dahua AirShield Internal Siren (DHI-ARA12-W2(868))

Enhance your security system with the Dahua AirShield Internal Siren, a critical component designed to alert you immediately in case of an emergency. This device is built to ensure your safety with its advanced features and robust performance within your home or business environment.

Key to its functionality is the signal strength detection, which ensures optimal placement for maximum effectiveness. A low battery alarm notifies you when it's time to replace the power source, maintaining continuous protection. The siren also incorporates temperature measurement, providing an extra layer of safety by monitoring environmental conditions.

Utilizing frequency hopping and two-way communication technology, the Dahua AirShield Internal Siren maintains a stable and secure connection with your security system, preventing interference and ensuring reliable alerts. Cloud updates and automatic recovery from update failures keep the device up-to-date with the latest firmware, guaranteeing that your security system remains at the forefront of technology.

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