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Ai CCTV installation - Package Three camera system

Ai CCTV installation - Package Three camera system

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Three HD

AI CCTV Full HD Camera System: Unmatched Clarity and Security -

Welcome to AI CCTV 🎥, your premier choice for top-tier smart CCTV and alarm systems. Specialising in AI-powered human tracking CCTV systems, we offer unmatched surveillance that keeps you linked to your home or business around the clock ⏰. Control and monitor your security seamlessly through a single app—without any monthly fees 💷. Our sophisticated cameras and smart alarms provide complete security, offering peace of mind at no extra cost. Trust AI CCTV to protect your property with the most advanced and economical solutions available today! 🛡️

Experience Top-Tier Surveillance: AI CCTV’s Full HD Camera System is the ultimate choice for protecting your home or business. With unparalleled clarity and innovative features, this system is specifically designed to meet your unique security needs, ensuring peace of mind around the clock.



Key Features:

  • Full HD Cameras: Capture every detail with vibrant colour footage during daylight and crisp black and white visuals at night. Our Full HD cameras guarantee comprehensive coverage throughout the day and night.

  • Smart AI Integration: Stay ahead of potential threats with our cutting-edge AI technology. Featuring intelligent human and vehicle tracking, our system differentiates between routine movements and potential risks, sending precise alerts directly to your mobile phone.

  • Remote Access: With our intuitive mobile app, monitor your property from anywhere. Watch live feeds, review recorded footage, and receive instant alerts, keeping you connected no matter your location.

  • Professional Installation: Our expert technicians handle the entire installation process, ensuring your system is perfectly configured and optimally positioned for maximum effectiveness. We focus on the technicalities so you can focus on your safety.


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Upgradable Options IP and AHD systems designed around your needs and budget:

  • Colour Night Vision: Enhance your visibility in low-light conditions with our colour night vision upgrade. Unlike standard night vision that only captures in monochrome, our advanced optics and lighting deliver high-quality, colour-rich images, crucial for detailed security assessments.

  • Responsive Colour Night Vision: Choose our responsive colour night vision for improved visibility and security. This feature activates lights upon detecting humans or vehicles, enhancing visibility and serving as a deterrent during vulnerable hours.


System Compatibility:

  • Integrated Security: Our CCTV systems are fully compatible with our alarm systems, offering seamless control through a unified app. This integration simplifies home security management, allowing for easy monitoring of your systems with unprecedented efficiency.

Contact AI CCTV:

To find the best fit for your security needs, we invite you to contact AI CCTV directly. Discuss your specific requirements with us, and we will tailor a solution that offers optimal protection for your property. Start customizing your security setup today.

Secure your premises with AI CCTV’s Full HD Camera System, where state-of-the-art technology meets reliable security. For more information or to schedule an installation, please contact AI CCTV. Elevate your property’s surveillance with a system that’s always vigilant, ensuring peace of mind with every moment captured.


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