Terms and Conditions of installation

Index of Terms & Conditions for Ai CCTV Installation


  1. Installation Planning and Agreement
  2. Cancellation Rights
  3. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy
  4. Payment Terms
  5. Ownership and Financial Arrangements
  6. Post-Installation and Warranty
  7. Customer Responsibilities
  8. Inclement Weather and Scheduling
  9. Warranty and Services
  10. Post-Installation Adjustments
  11. Customer Agreement
  12. Liability and Damage
  13. Terms Modification

1. Installation Planning and Agreement

  • 1.1 Consultation and Setup
  • 1.2 Customer Plan Confirmation
  • 1.3 Cancellation Charges
  1. Installation Planning and Agreement

1.1 Consultation and Setup: On the installation day, our engineer will assist in planning the best setup for your security system, in compliance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, which emphasize informed decision-making. 1.2 Customer Plan Confirmation: If you choose a different setup than recommended, you'll need to sign a document confirming your plan, as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 1.3 Cancellation Charges: If the installation is not proceeded with, charges may apply for the engineer's visit, as stipulated by the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013.

1.1 Additional Equipment and Charges

1.1.1 Unforeseen Expenses: Charges for any extra equipment or materials required will be in line with the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

2. Cancellation Rights

  • 2.1 14-Day Cooling-Off Period
  1. Cancellation Rights

2.1 14-Day Cooling-Off Period: You have the right to cancel within 14 days of scheduling, as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. By scheduling an installation, you give permission to proceed. If booked and installed within the 14 days, this cooling off period is fortified . 

3. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

  • 3.1 Waiver of Cancellation Right
  • 3.2 Notice for Rescheduling/Cancellation
  • 3.3 No-Notice Cancellation Penalty
  1. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

3.1 Waiver of Cancellation Right: If installation is requested within the 14-day period, you waive the cooling-off cancellation right, as per the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. 3.2 Notice for Rescheduling/Cancellation: Please contact us by phone for any changes, aligning with the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Reasonable notice ensures your deposit can be transferred to a new date. 3.3 No-Notice Cancellation Penalty: Insufficient notice will result in a non-refundable deposit, under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Associated charges may also apply.

4. Payment Terms

  • 4.1 Payment Methods
  1. Payment Terms

4.1 Payment Methods: Installation costs can be paid via bank transfer or card upon completion. Cash payments are not standard practice but can be arranged beforehand.

5. Ownership and Financial Arrangements

  • 5.1 Retention of Ownership
  • 5.2 Financial Obligations
  1. Ownership and Financial Arrangements

5.1 Retention of Ownership: Equipment remains Ai CCTV’s property until full payment, under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. 5.2 Financial Obligations: If finance is withdrawn or payment issues arise, the full balance is due immediately, as per the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

6. Post-Installation and Warranty

  • 6.1 Photographic Documentation
  • 6.2 No-Refund Policy
  • 6.3 System Removal Charge
  • 6.4 GDPR Compliance
  1. Post-Installation and Warranty

6.1 Photographic Documentation: Ai CCTV reserves the right to take installation pictures for quality assurance, in line with GDPR. 6.2 No-Refund Policy: As per the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994, sales are final once installation is complete. 6.3 System Removal Charge: A minimum labour charge applies for system removal. 6.4 GDPR Compliance: System checks for functionality will adhere to GDPR guidelines. Customers will be shown how to change default passwords for privacy protection.

7. Customer Responsibilities

  • 7.1 Safe Workspace
  • 7.2 System Compatibility and Internet Access
  1. Customer Responsibilities

7.1 Safe Workspace: Customers must provide a hazard-free area for installation, as per the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. 7.2 System Compatibility and Internet Access: Ensuring compatible TV and internet availability is the customer’s responsibility.

8. Inclement Weather and Scheduling

  • 8.1 Weather-Related Rescheduling Policy
  • 8.2 Equipment Delivery and Acceptance

8. Inclement Weather and Scheduling

8.1 Weather-Related Rescheduling Policy

  • Handling Adverse Weather: We understand that inclement weather can impact the feasibility of a scheduled installation. In such scenarios, we are committed to rescheduling your installation at no additional charge to ensure the safety of our staff and the integrity of the installation process.
  • Customer Cancellations: While we accommodate weather-related rescheduling without penalty, it's important to note that if a cancellation is initiated by the customer, any deposits paid are non-refundable. This policy helps us manage resources and scheduling effectively while being fair to all our clients.
  • Proactive Communication: In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will proactively reach out to discuss rescheduling options. We encourage our customers to communicate any concerns or scheduling conflicts as soon as possible to facilitate a smooth rescheduling process.

Our goal is to ensure your installation is completed to the highest standard, even if it means adjusting schedules due to weather conditions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Certainly! Here's a revised version of section 8.2 regarding equipment delivery:

8.2 Equipment Delivery and Acceptance

Handling Equipment Delivery

  • Required Signature for Delivery: To ensure the secure delivery of your CCTV equipment, we require a signature upon delivery at the address specified. This step is crucial for confirming the safe and accurate delivery of your equipment.
  • Consequences of Rejection or Refusal: In instances where the delivery is rejected or refused without prior valid reason, charges will be applicable. These may include labour costs and forfeiture of any deposits paid. The charges will be directed to the person named on the invoice.
  • Proactive Scheduling and Communication: To minimize any inconvenience or confusion, we will inform you of the delivery schedule in advance. We encourage clear and proactive communication from your side to avoid any issues with the delivery process.

Our aim is to ensure that the delivery of your equipment is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We appreciate your cooperation in facilitating this process.

9. Warranty and Services

  • 9.1 Standard Equipment Warranty
  • 9.2 Exclusions from Warranty
  • 9.3 Service Fee
  • 9.4 Warranty Voidance
  • 9.5 Customer Responsibility and Support Resources
  • 9.6 Booking a Call Out for Support
  • 9.7 Upgrades to Your CCTV System

9. Warranty and Services

9.1 Standard Equipment Warranty: Our CCTV systems come with a standard 1-year equipment warranty. This warranty covers the main components of the system, ensuring they are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

9.2 Exclusions from Warranty: Please note that certain items are not covered under this warranty. These exclusions include hard drives, Power Supply Units (PSUs), baluns, and connectors. These components are subject to their own limited parts warranty, which covers specific conditions and timeframes.

9.3 Service Fee: For service calls related to system maintenance or troubleshooting, such as resetting passwords or broadband connections, a service fee of between £50 up to quoted depending on service be required distance from business . This fee must be paid in advance before the service is provided, via our website.

9.4 Warranty Voidance: The warranty will be voided if the equipment is damaged by you or a third party. In the event of such damage, please contact us immediately as we want to ensure that your system continues to function properly. Note that the warranty does not cover external accessories like HDMI cables or powerline adapters.

9.5 Customer Responsibility and Support Resources for CCTV System

9.5.1 Learning and Managing the System

As a user of the Ai CCTV system, it is essential for you to acquaint yourself with the system's functionalities and AI features. The responsibility to learn and efficiently operate the system rests with you, the customer. This ensures that you are able to make full use of the system's capabilities for your security needs.

9.5.2 Device Integration and Setup

When integrating new devices, such as smartphones or tablets, into the CCTV system, correct setup is crucial. We encourage all our customers to actively engage in understanding these processes for effective system management. Password resets are not covered under and warranty and require a call out to be paid in advanced. 

9.5.3 Utilisation of Online Support Resources

  • For general setup queries and troubleshooting, we recommend visiting our YouTube support channel, which provides a wide array of instructional content.
  • Additionally, the Dahua Wiki (https://dahuawiki.com/Main_Page) is an excellent external resource, offering in-depth information and guidance on CCTV system management.

9.5.4 Access to Professional Support

Should you require personalized assistance beyond the scope of these resources, our support team is available to help. Please note that charges may apply for this specialized support service.

9.5.5 Responsibility for System Care

Regular maintenance and careful adjustment of your system's settings are integral to its ongoing effectiveness. While our team is available to assist, the primary responsibility for the regular upkeep and management of the system lies with you.

By booking and paying for our services, you are accepting our terms and conditions. This acknowledgment signifies your understanding of your role in the proper use and maintenance of your Ai CCTV system. We are committed to equipping you with the necessary tools and support to ensure a secure and efficient operation.

9.6 Terms and Conditions: Booking a Call Out for CCTV System Support

9.6.1 Support Request Procedure

  • Introduction: Thank you for choosing Ai CCTV for your security needs. We are committed to providing efficient and effective support for any issues you may encounter with your CCTV system.

9.6.2 Support Channel

  • Please be advised that support requests cannot be processed through informal communication channels, including phone calls.

9.6.3 Booking a Support Call

9.6.4 Processing of Support Requests

  • Once your request is received, our team will promptly review it and contact you to guide you through the subsequent steps.
  • Our aim is to provide a swift and thorough resolution to any issues you face.

9.6.5 Other Inquiries

  • For general inquiries unrelated to support, you are welcome to contact us at 0121 288 1999.
  • Please note, we exclusively handle support enquiries through our website to ensure specialized attention and resolution.

9.6.6 Acknowledgment

  • By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms regarding support requests and call outs.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, ensuring we can offer you the best possible service.

9.7 Terms and Conditions: Upgrades to Your CCTV System

9.7.1 Scope of Upgrade Warranty

  • When upgrading your CCTV system using current components such as cables, hard drives, or any original parts of your system, it's important to note that these existing parts are not covered under the new parts warranty.
  • If any new equipment added to your system during an upgrade is found to be defective, it will be replaced under our standard 1-year parts warranty.

9.7.2 Fault Assessment Process

  • To determine the cause of a fault, our installer will perform a direct test of the camera at the machine.
  • If the cabling from your original system is found to be defective, a call-out fee will be applicable. The cost for this service and any required repairs or replacements will be quoted on the day of assessment.

9.7.3 Additional Costs for Sundry Parts In cases where other parts such as power supplies, hard drives, connectors, or similar items are found to be faulty or in need of replacement, these will be charged at cost, in addition to the standard call-out fee. Password reset, mobile phone setup or any function outside the system normal operating function left on the day of installation will be subject to our labour fee. 

9.7.4 Acknowledgment By opting for an upgrade to your CCTV system, you acknowledge and accept these terms regarding the warranty and potential additional costs.

  • Our goal is to ensure that your upgraded system meets your security needs effectively and efficiently.

10. Post-Installation Adjustments

  • 10.1 Adjustments and Alterations
  1. Post-Installation Adjustments

10.1 Adjustments and Alterations: Any post-installation changes incur additional labour charges, once payment has been made, installer has left, a labour charge to reattend is applicable. 

11. Customer Agreement

  • 11.1 Confirmation of Satisfaction
  1. Customer Agreement

11.1 Confirmation of Satisfaction: Ensure satisfaction with the installation before payment. Payment and signing constitute agreement to these terms.

12. Liability and Damage

  • 12. Liability and Damage
    12.1 Duty of Care and Liability Limitation
    • Duty of Care: Ai CCTV commits to adhering to the Occupiers' Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984, ensuring reasonable care is taken to prevent property damage during installation.
    • Limitation of Liability: While we strive to maintain the highest standards of care, Ai CCTV cannot accept liability for any damages to the property during the installation process. It is the responsibility of the property owner (homeowner or business owner) to have adequate insurance cover in place for any works carried out on their premises.
    • Exclusions: This limitation includes, but is not limited to, accidental damage to the structure, fixtures, or contents of the property, unless directly caused by our negligence.
    • Risk Acknowledgment: By agreeing to our services, the property owner acknowledges the inherent risks associated with installation works and agrees that Ai CCTV is not liable for any accidental damage that may occur, provided reasonable care is exercised by our installation team.
  • 12.2 Insurance Recommendation
    • Property Insurance: We highly recommend that property owners review their insurance policies to ensure they have appropriate coverage for the duration of the installation process.

13. Terms Modification

  • 13.1 Right to Amend Terms Terms Modification

13.1 Right to Amend Terms: Ai CCTV reserves the right to change terms, providing reasonable notice, in line with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.

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