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Spro B5 V3 DVR SERIES up to 16 Cameras - Ai DVR supply only

Spro B5 V3 DVR SERIES up to 16 Cameras - Ai DVR supply only

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Supply Only: AI CCTV Full HD DVR System - SKU: DHDVR24-B5-V3

Welcome to AI CCTV 🎥, your premier provider of cutting-edge smart CCTV and alarm systems. Specializing in AI-powered DVR systems, we present the DHDVR06-B5-V4, a multi-capability DVR designed to enhance surveillance with superior image clarity and smart features. Maintain a constant connection to your property with our user-friendly app, without the burden of monthly fees 💷. Experience peace of mind with advanced technology designed to deliver high-quality security solutions at an affordable price. Opt for AI CCTV for top-tier security systems available today! 🛡️

Advanced DVR System Features: The DHDVR24-B5-V3 stands out as your optimal solution for upgrading security at your home or business. Packed with AI technology and robust capabilities, this DVR ensures exceptional performance and reliability, giving you continuous peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • High-Definition Recording: Capture every detail with 5MP recording capabilities at various frame rates, providing crystal clear footage throughout the day and enhanced clarity at night, with support for up to 5MP on additional IP channels.

  • AI Integration and Intelligent Features: Featuring advanced technologies like Smart Motion Detection Plus (SMD Plus), perimeter protection, and innovative Face Detection 2.0, this system smartly distinguishes between everyday activities and potential threats, instantly notifying you through push notifications.

  • Remote Access and Control: Stay connected to your property from any location via our intuitive mobile app. Access live feeds, review recorded footage, and receive alerts in real-time to ensure you're always in the loop.

  • Enhanced Storage and Channel Options: Supports additional IP cameras with advanced audio options and offers up to 16TB of storage for extensive archival of footage.

  • Seamless System Integration: Our DVR is fully compatible with existing alarm systems, facilitating streamlined security management through a unified application, boosting operational efficiency without compromising quality.

Customize Your Security Solution:

Contact AI CCTV to tailor the perfect security setup to your specific needs. Discuss your security requirements with us, and let us craft a system that ensures optimal protection for your premises. Start personalizing your advanced surveillance solution today.

Secure your property with the AI CCTV DHDVR24-B5-V3, where state-of-the-art technology meets reliable security. For more information or to schedule an installation, please contact AI CCTV. Elevate your property’s surveillance with a system that remains vigilant at all times, guaranteeing peace of mind with every moment captured. 



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