Are you looking for cutting-edge security solutions to protect your home or business in Birmingham, the Black Country, or Coventry? Look no further! At Ai CCTV, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line CCTV installations that ensure the safety and security of your property.

Why Choose Ai CCTV?

State-of-the-Art Technology: Our CCTV systems are equipped with advanced AI technology, including smart human tracking alerts and audio capabilities, providing you with round-the-clock surveillance and peace of mind.

Customised Solutions: We understand that every property is unique, which is why we offer customised CCTV installation packages tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Expert Installation: Our team of experienced technicians are experts in CCTV installation, ensuring that your system is installed correctly and functions optimally from day one.

Comprehensive Coverage: Whether you're in Birmingham, the Black Country, or Coventry, we've got you covered. Our services extend throughout these areas and beyond, providing reliable security solutions wherever you are.

Seamless Integration: With our intuitive mobile app, you can control and monitor your CCTV system remotely, giving you full access to your security footage anytime, anywhere.

Professional Support: At Ai CCTV, customer satisfaction is our top priority. From initial consultation to ongoing support, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Don't Compromise on Security – Choose Ai CCTV!

Ready to take the next step in securing your property? Contact Ai CCTV today at 0121 288 1999 to schedule your consultation. Let us provide you with the peace of mind you deserve with our expert CCTV installation services in Birmingham and the Midlands.

Control your CCTV & Alarm right from your phone.

Our integrated smartphone app combines CCTV and alarm systems for seamless home and business security. With this setup, you control both from one place, allowing instant response to alerts like intruders or open doors. It's total security control at your fingertips

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Control your Alarm from your phone

Our alarm system is the backbone of your security setup, offering comprehensive protection for your home or business. With customizable settings and robust sensors, it detects unauthorized entry, triggering immediate alerts to your smartphone. Whether it's a door left ajar or a window being tampered with, our alarm ensures you're informed instantly, empowering you to take swift action and safeguard what matters most

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Smart Ai Human Tracking Alerts

Our smart AI human detection alerts utilize cutting-edge technology to distinguish human activity from other movements. This advanced feature enhances security by providing accurate alerts, minimizing false alarms. With AI at the helm, you'll receive timely notifications of potential intruders, ensuring swift and precise responses to threats

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