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At Ai CCTV, we specialise in top-tier AI CCTV systems designed for effortless self-installation, ideal for enhancing security at home or in your business.

Why Choose Ai CCTV?

  • AI Upgrades for Existing Cameras: Enhance existing setups with AI capabilities.
  • Self-Installation Simplified: Our products come with comprehensive guides for easy installation.
  • Air Shield Alarm System: Integrate our cutting-edge alarm system for added security.

Products and Services:

  • AI CCTV Systems: Intelligent monitoring solutions at your fingertips.
  • Integration of Old Cameras: Upgrade analogue cameras with our AI DVRs.
  • Air Shield Alarm Systems: Extend your security with our innovative alarm systems.

Installation Support:

Comprehensive manuals and online support ensure you can install and configure your system with ease.

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