How to order CCTV

How to Order CCTV Installation in Birmingham - Your Guide to Secure Surveillance Solutions

Your Guide to the Perfect CCTV Solution

Design Your Custom CCTV Package with Us

Step 1: Identifying Your Perfect CCTV System Dive into our primary CCTV offerings to tailor a system that aligns with your security objectives:

  • Analogue CCTV Systems: The go-to for simple, cost-effective security. Effortless to set up and maintain.
  • IP CCTV Systems: Optimal for those seeking High-Definition visuals and sophisticated security capabilities, complete with remote access flexibility.

Begin Your Journey:

Step 2: Discover Our Extensive CCTV Collection Peruse our diverse range to weigh the features, advantages, and costs, ensuring you pinpoint the ideal security setup.

Step 3: Obtain Your Customized Quote Reach out to craft a quote that’s tailored precisely to your security needs.

Our committed team stands ready to guide and support you in selecting the CCTV package that perfectly fits your needs. At Ai CCTV, your security is our utmost concern, and we're dedicated to delivering the right solution at the right price, designed around you.

*Includes installation within standard office hours, pending a site survey.

Control your CCTV & Alarm right from your phone.

Our integrated smartphone app combines CCTV and alarm systems for seamless home and business security. With this setup, you control both from one place, allowing instant response to alerts like intruders or open doors. It's total security control at your fingertips

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Control your Alarm from your phone

Our alarm system is the backbone of your security setup, offering comprehensive protection for your home or business. With customizable settings and robust sensors, it detects unauthorized entry, triggering immediate alerts to your smartphone. Whether it's a door left ajar or a window being tampered with, our alarm ensures you're informed instantly, empowering you to take swift action and safeguard what matters most

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Smart Ai Human Tracking Alerts

Our smart AI human detection alerts utilize cutting-edge technology to distinguish human activity from other movements. This advanced feature enhances security by providing accurate alerts, minimizing false alarms. With AI at the helm, you'll receive timely notifications of potential intruders, ensuring swift and precise responses to threats

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