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Enhance Security with Smart Motion Detection in AI CCTV Systems

In the rapidly advancing world of security technology, the goal remains to pre-empt potential threats while minimising false alarms. Smart Motion Detection (SMD) in AI CCTV systems is a revolutionary approach that combines advanced algorithms with robust security mechanisms. This document delves into the core attributes of SMD, its benefits, and its growing significance in modern security frameworks.


What is Smart Motion Detection (SMD)?

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is an advanced feature in AI CCTV systems that uses complex algorithms to accurately detect human and vehicle movements within the camera's field of view. Unlike traditional motion detection technologies, which often trigger alarms for non-threatening movements, SMD focuses on genuine security threats, significantly reducing false alarms.

How Does SMD Differentiate Between Humans and Vehicles?

SMD employs deep learning algorithms to analyse shapes and movements within the camera’s view. By identifying specific characteristics of human and vehicle forms, SMD can differentiate between these and other moving objects such as animals or foliage. This capability ensures that alerts are triggered only for actual security concerns, enhancing the effectiveness of the surveillance system.

Main Benefits of Using SMD Over Traditional Motion Detection

  1. Minimisation of False Alarms: Traditional motion detection systems often produce numerous false alarms triggered by irrelevant movements. SMD reduces these false positives by up to 95%, ensuring security personnel can focus on genuine threats.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: SMD’s ability to accurately identify humans and vehicles results in more reliable security monitoring.
  3. Efficient Incident Review: SMD allows for quick retrieval and analysis of recorded footage based on specific criteria, streamlining post-event investigations.
  4. User-Friendly Setup: SMD can be enabled with a single click via the web interface, eliminating the need to set specific monitoring zones.

Customisation for Specific Detection Needs

SMD systems offer customisable settings to cater to specific security requirements. Users can adjust sensitivity levels and detection parameters to tailor the system for various environments, whether it’s a bustling urban area or a quiet residential neighbourhood. This flexibility ensures optimal performance across different scenarios.

Accuracy in Reducing False Alarms

One of the standout features of SMD is its high accuracy in reducing false alarms. By focusing on human and vehicle detection, SMD filters out irrelevant alerts caused by weather conditions, animals, and other non-threatening movements. This precision helps maintain the efficiency of security operations and reduces unnecessary distractions.

AI CCTV Systems: Standard Offering

Our AI CCTV systems come equipped with Smart Motion Detection as a standard feature, providing a comprehensive security solution that combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use. We offer smart AI CCTV systems across the UK, ensuring top-tier security for our clients.

Top Cities for Our AI CCTV Systems

We proudly serve the following top cities, ensuring enhanced security with our advanced AI CCTV systems:

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Manchester
  4. Glasgow
  5. Newcastle
  6. Liverpool
  7. Bristol
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Leeds
  10. Sheffield

Our nationwide reach ensures that businesses and residences across the UK benefit from the latest in AI-driven security technology.


Smart Motion Detection is revolutionising the security industry by providing accurate, reliable, and user-friendly surveillance solutions. With its ability to significantly reduce false alarms and customise detection settings, SMD enhances the overall effectiveness of AI CCTV systems. Whether you’re in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, our AI CCTV systems offer the best in modern security technology.

For more information or to request a quote, contact us today and discover how Smart Motion Detection can enhance your security infrastructure.

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Default passwords-

DMSS abc12345

Viper 123456

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** Ai CCTV do not store passwords and it is advised on the day of installation the default password are changed, Please check email and documentation for passwords as password resets are subject to a fee

How to set DMSS on a smartphone

Set Up DMSS App on Smartphone - AI CCTV 01212881999

Setting Up the Dahua DMSS App on Your Smartphone


  • Ensure P2P (Platform Access) is enabled on your NVR and is online.

Initial App Setup Using P2P Connection

  1. Install DMSS:
    • Download DMSS from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
    • Install the app on your smartphone.
  2. Add a Device:
    • Open the app and tap the "+" icon.
    • Select "SN/Scan" to scan the QR code from your NVR interface (Main Menu > Network > P2P) or the device's box.
    • If QR code is unavailable, manually enter the serial number.
  3. Device Configuration:
    • Choose the device type (e.g., NVR, DVR/XVR, or Wired Camera).
    • Enter a relatable device name and the admin password.
    • Tap "Save".

Event Notification Setup

  1. Subscribe to Notifications:
    • On the Home page, tap the three dots next to your device.
    • Select "Device Details".
  2. Enable Notifications:
    • Tap "Notification" and switch it on.
  3. Configure Alerts:
    • Choose the events for alerts, such as AI Analysis features (e.g., Tripwire, Missing Object).
    • Select the channels for each feature and save the settings.

By following these steps, your DMSS app should be configured for remote access and event notifications.

Watch the Setup Video

For a visual guide, watch the following YouTube video:

For further support or help, book an onsite callout via our website.

How to update the time and date on your CCTV recorder

Change Time and Date on Dahua DVR - AI CCTV

Changing the Time and Date on a Dahua DVR

Steps to Change Time and Date

  1. Access the Main Menu:
    • Right-click on the screen to bring up the context menu.
    • Select "Main Menu" from the options.
  2. Navigate to System Settings:
    • In the Main Menu, select "System" to open the system settings.
  3. Open General Settings:
    • Within the System settings, click on "General" to access general configuration options.
  4. Adjust Date and Time:
    • Locate the "Date & Time" section.
    • Modify the date and time fields to the correct values.
  5. Save Changes:
    • Click "Apply" to save your changes.
    • Click "OK" to exit the settings menu.
  6. Restart the DVR:
    • For the changes to take effect, restart your DVR by navigating to "Main Menu" > "Shutdown" > "Restart".

Watch the Setup Video

For a visual guide, watch the following YouTube video:

By following these steps, you can easily update the time and date settings on your Dahua DVR to ensure accurate recordings.

For further support or help, book an onsite callout via our website.

How to turn on Smart Motion Alerts in DMSS

Enable SMD in DMSS App for Dahua DVR - AI CCTV

Turning on Smart Motion Detection (SMD) in the DMSS App for a Dahua DVR


  • Ensure you have a Dahua account.
  • Install the DMSS app on your smartphone.
  • Add your Dahua device to the DMSS app.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Launch the DMSS Mobile App:
    • Open the DMSS app on your smartphone.
    • Go to the "Device" page and tap on the three dots next to the device you want to set up notifications for.
  2. Access Device Details:
    • Tap on "Device Details".
  3. Multi-Channel Alarm Subscription:
    • Tap on "Multi-channel Alarm Subscription".
  4. Enable SMD:
    • Enable the slider at the top right to activate notifications.
    • Tap on "Period Settings" to adjust the times you want to receive notifications.
    • Select the type of alarm event you want notifications for (e.g., Motion Detection, Intrusion Alarm).
  5. Select Camera Channels:
    • Check the boxes next to all the camera channels you want to receive notifications from.
    • Tap the back arrow at the top left when done.
  6. Save Settings:
    • Verify the number of channels selected appears next to the alarm type you selected.
    • Tap "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Watch the Setup Video

For a visual guide, watch the following YouTube video:

By following these steps, you should have Smart Motion Detection enabled on your Dahua DVR via the DMSS app, enhancing your security system's capabilities.

For further support or help, book an onsite callout via our website.

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