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Dahua AirShield Smoke Detector DHI-HY-SA21A-W2(868

Dahua AirShield Smoke Detector DHI-HY-SA21A-W2(868

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Dahua AirShield Smoke Detector (DHI-HY-SA21A-W2(868))

Introducing the Dahua AirShield Smoke Detector, a vital addition to your security and safety ecosystem. Engineered with advanced split-spectrum sensor technology, this device is designed to quickly detect smoke from both fast-burning and smoldering fires, ensuring early warning and response to potential threats to your property and well-being.

The unit features a convenient test and silence button, allowing for easy verification of functionality and quieting of false alarms without the need for additional tools or steps. With a loud sound output of over 85 dB(A) at 3 meters, the detector ensures that its warning is heard clearly and promptly, even in large spaces.

Efficiency is a key aspect of the DHI-HY-SA21A-W2(868), demonstrated by its low quiescent current consumption which extends the life of its battery, and a sophisticated Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design that enhances its reliability and performance. A low battery warning signal provides timely alerts to replace the battery, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

For more detailed information and specifications, access the full specification sheet.

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