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Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector DHI-ARD512-W2(868

Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector DHI-ARD512-W2(868

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Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector (DHI-ARD512-W2(868))

Upgrade your security system with the sophisticated Dahua AirShield Glass Break Detector, a device engineered to enhance the protection of your property. This advanced sensor is adept at detecting the unique sound of glass breaking, offering peace of mind through its ability to trigger alarms for various glass types including tempered, double-glazed, laminated, wired, plate, and float glass.

Utilizing high and low frequency sound detection simultaneously, this detector applies complex algorithms to significantly reduce false alarms, ensuring that alerts are both accurate and reliable. It features two-channel alarm input for enhanced security measures.

Equipped with cloud update capabilities, the device ensures your system benefits from the latest firmware with its automatic recovery feature in case of update failures. Moreover, the two-way wireless encrypted communication mechanism not only improves the security but also the stability of communication between the detector and your security system.

The inclusion of a wireless frequency hopping mechanism allows the detector to automatically switch to alternate available frequency bands if the original is compromised by interference, guaranteeing that communication remains uninterrupted and secure.

For additional specifications and information, please refer to the full specification sheet.

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