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Dahua AirShield External Siren, Blue DHI-ARA13-W2(868B

Dahua AirShield External Siren, Blue DHI-ARA13-W2(868B

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Dahua AirShield Outdoor Siren (DA-ARA13-W2-868B)

The Dahua AirShield Outdoor Siren is engineered to withstand the elements, offering exceptional durability and reliability for your security system. With an IP65 rating, it is designed for outdoor use, functioning flawlessly in temperatures ranging from –25 °C to +60 °C. Whether powered by 12 VDC or battery, this siren ensures your premises are protected under all conditions.

Featuring a variety of alarm sounds including fire, medical, intrusion, and panic, the siren can adapt to different types of emergencies, emitting a powerful sound pressure level of 110 dB to alert in case of security breaches. Alongside, it includes temperature monitoring capabilities to keep you informed about environmental conditions.

Equipped with advanced frequency hopping and two-way communication technology, the siren maintains stable and secure communication with your security system. It also supports cloud updates, with an automatic recovery feature to ensure your siren is always operating with the latest firmware, even after update failures.

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