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Ai CCTV system Installation

Ai CCTV system Installation

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Experience Next-Level

Surveillance with Our Ai CCTV Systems

Smart AI Human and Vehicle Tracking

Our advanced AI CCTV systems are designed to distinguish between humans and vehicles, ensuring precise monitoring and instant alerts. Gain peace of mind with technology that watches over your property intelligently, distinguishing real threats from false alarms.

Crystal Clear Surveillance, Day and Night

  • HD to 4K Resolution: Experience ultra-clear images, enabling detailed identification in all lighting conditions.
  • Full-Color Night Vision: Our cameras provide full-color video, even in the dead of night, ensuring no detail is missed.
  • Audio Capability: Listen in and record with built-in microphones for an added layer of security.

IP and Analog Systems: Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you prefer the flexibility of IP systems or the reliability of analog, our range of CCTV solutions offers comprehensive coverage. Customize your security setup for total control, all accessible from the convenience of your mobile device.

Take Control With Mobile Integration

Monitor your property from anywhere with our user-friendly app. Adjust settings, view live feeds, and receive alerts directly on your mobile device, ensuring you're always connected to what matters most.

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Discover how our AI CCTV systems can enhance your property's security. Chat with us for more information and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Upgrade your security with AI-powered CCTV. Contact us at 0121 288 1999 or visit our website for more information.

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